Frequently Asked Questions
Caroline's Desserts is committed to bringing you the best products backed by quality personal service. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions about our company or products please contact us at: 425.883.3850 or 888.84CAROL
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Krispettes are currently available online and in gourmet and specialty retail locations in the Puget Sound area and select locations in the greater United States; Including fine retailers in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Alaska, California, Texas, Illinois, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Rhode Island, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Maryland, and Washington D.C..
Caroline's Desserts are currently available online and at select gourmet and specialty retailers. Look for our new Company Store Soon! You may order online and request will call. Please contact Customer Service or call 888.884CAROL for more information.
Caroline's Desserts are available in a number of different locations including grocery stores, gift stores, specialty stores, department stores, wineries, hotels, etc.

Representative local and national retailers include: Haggen Foods, Whole Foods, Chateau Ste Michelle, (WA); Delta Farms (OR); Hotel Del Coronado, Draeger's Markets, Woodland Market, Chocolate Heaven, Boudin Bakery (CA); Foodstuffs (IL); Boca Java (FL), Rafferty Gourmet, No Ordinary Joe's, Greenberry's (NJ); Stonewall Kitchen (ME); Saks Fifth Avenue (NY), The Daily Grind (IA);Gloria Jeans Coffee, MouseHouse (WI).

Caroline's Desserts has had many requests for a store front. To meet that need we are in the process of opening a showroom for customers to buy our products direct, place special orders, or pick up will call orders. Look for our upcoming announcement! Please contact Customer Service or call 888.884CAROL for more information.

Yes. Caroline's Desserts does work with brokers and distributors. Please contact Sales to learn about representation.

Tell me more about Caroline's Products
What kind of desserts does Caroline’s sell?
Gourmet Comfort food. Caroline’s is an artisan dessert company. We make traditional favorites with a gourmet flair. Our flagship product is Krispettes, a decadent crispy rice treat with organic brown rice cereal, European style chocolates, nuts and dried fruits and other confections. They come in over a dozen varieties. Our line of artisan shortbread is a delicious twist on tradition, a distinctive blend of gourmet organic and natural ingredients, in an array of craveable flavors. Seasonal sugar cookies, are a little bit of home. Made in seasonal shapes and hand decorated using natural colors, these little gems are sure to please. We also offer artisan baked goods that are sold by special order. All of our baked goods are made with only the finest natural and organic ingredients.

In addition, we sell a collection of trademarked products in Suite Caroline gift baskets featuring our desserts and trademarked products. Our trademark products include t-shirts, mugs, hats, aprons, etc. Proceeds from select trademark products are donated to charity.

Are your products organic?
Caroline's Desserts uses premium ingredients in all of our products. We do use organic and natural ingredients including our key ingredients - like organic brown rice cereal, organic flour, organic sugar, organic spices, etc. We do not use artificial colors, flavors, ingredients or added preservatives.
Do you use preservatives or artificial flavors ?
Caroline's Desserts is committed to making our products as natural as possible. We use only quality premium ingredients in all our products and do not use artificial colors, flavors, ingredients or added preservatives.
Are your products gluten free ?
The majority of our Krispette products are gluten free. We use only gluten free brown rice cereal in all our Krispettes. Only two Krispette products contain gluten because of their ingredients: Happy Camper Crunch uses organic graham crackers which use wheat and Matinee Idol which uses malted milk balls which contain wheat and barley malt.

Our products are Certified Gluten-Free by the Gluten-Free Certification Organization

Why make your products Gluten Free?
Gluten is a complex of proteins found in wheat, rye, and barley. Some people, about 1 in 133 Americans, suffer from allergic reactions or sensitivity to gluten, otherwise known as gluten intolerance. A genetic predisposition to gluten intolerance is known as Celiac disease. A gluten free diet is recommended for people with a gluten intolerance. It is thought that non-sufferers, that eliminate or limit gluten intake, may also benefit.
Our Krispette line is free of Trans Fats. We do not use ingredients with hydrogenated oils.
Our facility processes a number of products using a variety of ingredients that may be allergens to some people. Some of these ingredients include peanuts, tree nuts, dairy, wheat, eggs and chocolates. If you are highly allergic we recommend that you do not eat our products to ensure your health and safety.
Caroline's Desserts are available online and at select gourmet and specialty retailers throughout the US. You may order online and request will call. Please contact Customer Service or call 888.884CAROL for more information.
Are your products guaranteed?
Caroline's Desserts is committed to creating the best products possible and guarantee that all our products are always fresh when purchased by the best by date. In the event your product arrives damaged or there is an error or shortage please contact us at 888.84CAROAROL within 48 hours to file a claim. Credit or replacement product will be issued as deemed appropriate. Food products may not be returned unless incorrect items were shipped. If you have any issues with the quality of the products or service please contacts us at

What are the Nutritional Facts for your products?

For detailed information on all of our products see Nutritional Facts.
Tell me more about Krispettes
What is a Krispette?
Krispettes are gourmet marshmallow and organic crisp rice cereal desserts reminiscent of nostalgic treats. We make them in small batches, always using the finest ingredients to ensure every taste is a little gift of indulgence.
We start with organic crisp rice cereal, fresh butter, and velvety marshmallows. And depending on the recipe we're creating, we blend in other delicious ingredients, including fine European style chocolates, as well as popular candies you know and love. We also use premium nuts we toast ourselves to maintain a consistent, delicious flavor and choice fruits dried to perfection.
Our recipes are deliciously different, and we're always creating new concoctions. Current offerings include the original "Triple Chocolate Nirvana" - a decadent blend of European style chocolates, creamy Milk Chocolate, rich Dark , and smooth White Chocolate, as well as "Myrtle's Turtles", a crunchewy take on that old favorite, featuring creamy Milk Chocolate and toasted Pecans covered with velvety Caramel. "Happy Campers Crunch" is a gourmet version of old-fashioned S'mores, complete with melty Milk Chocolate, morsels of crunchy Organic Graham Cracker and golden toasted Marshmallows. And "Amaretto Bianco" takes your taste buds on an adventure with drizzled White Chocolate, toasted Almonds, and a kiss of Amaretto.
Each batch of Krispettes is homemade in the traditional sense. From hand-mixing, to individually packaging and labeling each Krispette, we do it all ourselves. This personal approach allows us to check the quality of every Krispette to make sure it's just the way we want it -and the way you'll want it, too.
Keeping our production small and simple also means we can easily whip up a few batches of special, limited edition, flavors for holidays or other special occasions. (Here's a great party idea: let us create a delicious, one-of-a-kind Krispette flavor to make a special occasion even more unique.)
We hope you enjoy Krispettes as much as we enjoy making them!
What kind of Krispettes do you make?

We currently feature these Krispettes:
Triple Chocolate Nirvana
Happy Camper Crunch

The Great Almondo
Sweet Joe
Tiki Bar
Peanut Casanova

Boo-Boo Bar
Peanut Casanova

Premium and Seasonal* Krispettes:
Myrtle's Turtles
Matinee Idol
Sweet Cherrity
Amaretto Bianco
Sonoma Sunshine
Mint Everest
Roca Crunch
Peppermint Spark*
Egg Nog*
Caramel Apple*
Oh Joy!

What variety of sizes do Krispettes come in?

Krispettes come in individual sizes that are approximately 3" x 3". Mmmminis, which are two bite versions of the Krispettes, come in a three Mmmmini pack in select flavors which are only available online. Krispettes are also available locally by the sheet and in party trays. We can also custom make Krispette cakes. Please contact Custom or call 888.884CAROL for more information.

Tell me more about Artisan Shortbread
What do you mean by artisan shortbread?
Our new shortbreads are a delicious twist on tradition. Golden and buttery reminiscent of the cookies you’ve always loved, we’ve take it to the next level – each shortbread flavor is a distinctive blend of gourmet organic and natural ingredients, including rich organic cocoa, tangy citrus and toasted nuts, to create craveable flavors like Lemon Poppy Seed, Vanilla Pistachio, Chocolate Spice and more.

Who says you can’t improve on a classic?

Tell me more about Artisan Shortbread
What kind of Shortbread do you make?

We currently feature these flavors:
Vanilla Pistachio
Chocolate Almond
Chocolate Spice
Chocolate Chip Espresso

Premium and Seasonal Shortbread:
Chocolate Dipped Traditional Gift Box
Chocolate Dipped Chocolate Spice Gift Box

Happy Holiday Gift Box- White Chocolate Cranberry, Chocolate Chip Espresso, Maple Walnut, Chocolate Dipped Traditional

Season’s Greetings Gift Box – Ginger, Orange Pecan, Chocolate Dipped Chocolate Spice, Chocolate Dipped Traditional

Sun Days! - Lavender, White Chocolate Dipped Lemon, Dark Chocolate Dipped Pistachio, Traditional

What variety of sizes does your Shortbread come in?

Shortbread comes in Mmmminis which are two bite versions, these come in packs with 10-12 cookies. Our regular size artisan shortbread, are approximately 2” x 2” and come in two packs. We also offer a dozen of our regular shortbread in premium and seasonal collections in a gift box. Please contact Customer Service or call 888.884CAROL for more information.

Tell me more about Sugar Cookies and Gingerbread

Sugar Cookies and Gingerbread?

Simplicity at its finest. Pure natural and organic ingredients blended to make melt-in-your-mouth sugar cookie and chewy gingerbread with a spicy twist. Thick hand cut cookies, decorated with natural colors and cut into festive seasonal shapes.

What kind of Sugar Cookies do you make?

We make a variety of seasonal sugar cookies throughout the year; which include :
Halloween Jack-o-lanterns, Fall Leaves, Snowflakes, Christmas Trees, Snowmen, Spring Flowers, etc.

What variety of sizes does your Sugar Cookies come in?

Our Sugar and Gingerbread Cookies come in a big 6 ” size wrapped for gift giving. Please contact Customer Service or call 888.884CAROL for more information.

Tell me more about Artisan Baked Goods

Artisan Baked Goods?

Yes, artisan baked goods. Homemade goodness created using only the finest natural and organic ingredients. Special order from seasonal featured cookies, pies, cheese cakes, tortes, tarts, cakes and specialty desserts. Please contact Customer Service or call 888.884CAROL for more information.

What kind of Artisan Baked Goods do you make?

We make a variety of seasonal and featured baked goods. These are some examples:

Pies - Pumpkin, Pecan, Fudge Pecan, Apple, Peach, Cherry, Strawberry Rhubarb

Cheesecakes - Pumpkin Ginger, Mocha, Amaretto, Chocolate Marble, Cranberry Swirl, Caramel Toffee, Triple Citrus, Traditional

Fruit Crisps - Apple Raisin Walnut, Pear Cranberry Pecan, Blueberry Peach, Triple Berry

Special Desserts - Linzer Torte, Mixed Nut Tart, Plum Tart, Brandied Apricot Tart, Chocolate Raspberry Tart, Chocolate Mint Tart, German Chocolate Cake, Peppermint Cake, and classic Cakes for special occasions.

Signature Desserts - Triple Chocolate Tart, Caramel Nut Tart, Cabernet Cherry Chocolate Cake, Carrot Cake, Lemon Dream Cake, Amaretto Cake

Please contact Customer Service or call 888.884CAROL for more information.

Care and Freshness
How should your desserts be stored?
Most of our dessert treats keep well in a cool place. To preserve freshness keep away from heat sources. They should be eaten soon after they are opened to ensure their full flavor. If the package has been opened we advise storing products in an air tight container. Storing with an open package or out of its package is not recommended.  Our products last longer in the refrigerator or freezer for up to 3 months, but Krispettes and cookies alike, may lose some of their crispness.  We suggest placing the unopened package into a zip-lock bag once opened or prior to refrigeration to ensure their freshness. Our artisan baked goods should be refrigerated.
What is the best way to eat Krispettes?
Krispettes can be enjoyed as a snack or a traditional dessert. They may be served at room temperature or if you're partial to melty goodness try microwaving them for a few seconds- this is especially popular with the Happy Campers! Microwave heating time varies so experiment in short increments of time to find the appropriate level for your own tastes and machine.
What is the rule of thumb for ordering for a specific number of people?
Typically one of our individual servings will suffice per person. If you order the bite-sized servings, Mmmminis, 1-3 is suggested depending on whether other desserts are served too.
Special Requests
Do you offer custom gift baskets?
Yes. Caroline's Desserts will work with you to customize your gift order. You may request specific combinations and quantities of products. The items will be charged based on their regular price plus a 10% customization fee. Please be aware that this type of customization may delay processing of your order by up to 72 hours. Orders placed on the website may include specific instructions in the comment section. We will contact you at either your e-mail or telephone provided to confirm the order. Please contact Custom or call 888.884CAROL for more information.
Will you use special enclosures or gift packaging that I provide?
Yes. Caroline's Desserts is happy to help you promote your business, personal style or special occasion by including your business card or other enclosure with your gift order. For repeat customers you may request that we keep you enclosure on file for future use and specify in the comment section its inclusion in future orders.
Caroline’s will also attempt to honor requests for and accommodate specific gift packaging or other items that you provide. Your enclosures or packaging should arrive before the order is placed to ensure its use. Please contact Custom or call 888.884CAROL for more information.